Employee Matched Funding for the PTA – Parents Please Help

Priorsford Primary School PTA, as the fundraising arm of the Parent Council, is always looking at new ways of raising funds.


The PTA has recently gone through the process of obtaining Charitable Status and this opens up new fundraising possibilities. One of the simplest of those methods is Employee Matched Funding (aka Matched Giving).


A large number of companies have schemes in place where they offer to match the amounts raised by their employees in fundraising/charitable activities.  Some parents have already come forward to the PTA to offer to take part in events in order to allow them to claim matched funding for the PTA through their employer and this should provide us with a significant uplift in our levels of fundraising, however we would like to maximise this where possible and need more parents to get involved.


You will hopefully be aware that there are a number of established fundraising activities organized throughout the year (Summer Fair, Pupil Discos and the Christmas Fair to name a few) which help to provide the school with funding for extra items for the benefit of all pupils. For example, in recent years, the PTA have provided funding for an outdoor classroom, outdoor sandpits, interactive whiteboards for classrooms, audio equipment, iPads, transport for trips, the annual library software subscription and financial subsidy for Christmas parties as well as gifts for new P1s and departing P7s.


What we ask of you

If you are in employment and interested in supporting us then please check if the company you work for supports Employee Matched Funding. If they do and you would be willing to make a claim through your company scheme on behalf of the school PTA for future events, then please let us know.  Normal criteria for a claim would be that the employee participates in the fundraising event to an extent, so do please check your employer scheme for any rules around making a successful claim.


Any parents willing to support us in this, (or if you have any further questions) then please email us at: parent.councillors@priorsfordprimary.co.uk


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Session Dates 2021/22

Autumn term

  • Monday 16 Aug 2021 – Staff resume, in service day
  • Tuesday 17 Aug 2021 – In service day
  • Wednesday 18 Aug 2021 – Pupils resume
  • Friday 8 Oct 2021 – Last day for pupils and staff – mid term holiday
  • Monday 18 Oct 2021 – Staff resume, in service day
  • Tuesday 19 Oct 2021 – Pupils resume
  • Monday 29 Nov 2021 – St Andrews Days – schools closed
  • Tuesday 30 Nov 2021 – All resume
  • Thursday 23 Dec 2021 – Last day of term for pupils and staff

Winter term

  • Monday 10 Jan 2022 – All resume
  • Friday 11 Feb 2022 – Last day for pupils – February holiday
  • Monday 14 Feb 2022 – Last day for staff, in service day – February holiday
  • Monday 21 Feb 2022 – All resume
  • Friday 1 Apr 2022 – Last day of term for pupils and staff

Summer term

  • Monday 18 Apr 2022 – All resume
  • Monday 2 May 2022 – May day holiday, school closed
  • Tuesday 3 May 2022 – Staff resume, in service day
  • Wednesday 4 May 2022 – Pupils resume
  • Thursday 30 June 2022 – Last day of term for pupils and staff

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