Session Dates 2020/21

Autumn Term
Pupils start Tuesday 11 August 2020
Last day of term Thursday 8 October 2020
Autumn Holidays Friday 9 October to Friday 16 October 2020 inclusive

Winter Term

Start Monday 19 October 2020
In service day Thursday 12 November 2020
In service day Friday 13 November 2020
Holiday Monday 30 November 2020 (St. Andrew’s Day holiday)
Last day of term Friday 18 December 2020
Christmas Holidays Monday 21 December to Monday 4 January 2021 inclusive

Spring Term
Start Tuesday 5 January 2021
In service day Friday 12 February 2021
February Holidays Fri 12 February to Wednesday 17 February 2021inclusive
Start Thursday 18February 2021
Last day of term Thursday 1 April 2021
April Holidays Friday 2 to Friday16 April 2021 inclusive

Summer Term
Start Monday 19 April 2021
In service day Friday 30 April 2021
Monday 3 May 2021 (May Day holiday)
Last day of term Wednesday 23 June 2021

School Day Times

School – Monday – Thursday
08.45 – 10.25
10.25 – 10.40 – Break
10.40 – 12.20
12.20 – 13.15 – Lunch
13.15 – 15.25

08.45 – 10.25
10.25 – 10.40 – Break
10.40 – 11.50
11.50 – 12.40 – Lunch
12.40 – 12.50

Nursery – Monday – Friday
The nursery is open all year except 2 weeks at Christmas.  Sessions can be booked between 8.00am and 6.00pm .

Volunteer Guidelines

Welcome to Priorsford Primary School. We are always grateful to volunteers who help in the school – thank you for giving us your support.
Staff toilets are situated outside the staffroom. Please feel free to have tea/coffee in the staffroom.

Working with the Children

When working in the school, or on an outing, the class teacher is always the person ultimately responsible for the child.

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Positive Behaviour Policy

At Priorsford Primary we aim to provide all our pupils with a caring and happy environment where we can teach and learn in a positive and encouraging way. Everyone should show respect and consideration to others and be co-operative, welcoming and treating others fairly and with care. Pupils should show awareness of their surroundings and act appropriately, being proud to represent the school by wearing the school uniform.

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Marking Code

Priorsford Primary Marking code

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Homework Policy

This policy was created in consultation with pupils, staff and parents of Priorsford Primary School. It is available on the school website and is issued at the start of every school year in addition to a Homework Schedule containing more specific information related to a pupil’s year group.

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Child Care Protection

Schools have an important role to play in the protection of children. They share a responsibility for this with other agencies and with the children’s families.

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class composition policy

The policy is intended to provide a consistent and transparent process for the arrangement of classes in primary schools in Scottish Borders. It is designed to accommodate the differing circumstances of both large and small schools, and to provide Headteachers with a guidance framework within which to manage their staffing resources to best meet the educational needs of all the children within their school(s).

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administration of medication and health care procedures issue 2 april 2012

Early years provision, Educational Establishments and Voluntary Services.

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Priorsford Primary School

Priorsford Primary School is a Rights Respecting School...because every child in the world has one thing in common... their rights.


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